Friday Links :: University Cat, Graffiti, Pompeii Sorceress

View from Edinburgh Castle
Looking south from the Edinburgh Castle Esplanade

Hello! Here’s a bunch of links I’ve been squirreling away over the past few months. I had kinda forgot about these links. I knew there were some there, but not exactly what. I have a filter and label in Gmail so when I email these links to myself, adding ‘friday links’ to the email title, they don’t go into my inbox, instead they just sit in the label waiting for me to do one of these posts. I love that you can do that with Gmail because it means I don’t have all these emails From Myself clogging up my inbox. :-D

Happy weekend, friends!

Warwick University has a campus cat, called Rolf, and it’s just so delightful and now I’m wondering if other universities do too… :-)

Driftwood Animals and Beach Homes. By Kirsty Elson. Gorgeous!

Women of New York’s Graffiti Scene.

A sorceress at Pompeii?

Why Andy Warhol Was Enthralled with the Wild West .

Baby elephant takes a tumble while chasing birds. So cute!

Quiet Landscape Photos Reveal Spain’s Violent, Dark History.

Landscapes Blend Precise Pixelation and Hazy Abstraction. Amazing!

How Japanese Prints Inspired a Tattoo Frenzy.

Vibrant Blue Hues of Morocco’s Chefchaouen Village. Uhhhh, anyone want to send me on trip there?! So beautiful!

Why We Shouldn’t Be Scrutinizing Seth Rogen’s Ceramics. {via Kim}

Artist Ian Berry makes his work using only denim jeans!

Why You Should Draw from Real Life, Not a Photograph. That doesn’t mean you can’t draw from photos, we can’t go to every single place we want to draw. :-)


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