Books In Colour Order

We moved this bookcase recently. Most of the books are mine, Tony is very much a Kindle reading guy. So I’m in charge of ordering the books. And my system is more or less ordered in groups of colour. Tony makes light fun of me for that.

But to me it makes perfect sense! Not because I want the books to be pleasing to look at – although it is nice to look at them like this, it feels calmer than having the colours all spread out.

I don’t do it for looks but because I tend to remember the books by the colour of their spine/cover. I don’t know if that’s related to synesthesia (my particular synesthesia is grapheme-colour), but it’s just how my brain catalogues books. “Where’s the book about the thing, the one with the red spin…”

Brains, funny ol’ things. :-D


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