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I got a bouquet of peonies. It is my favourite flower. So beautiful…I’ve been making a bunch of sketches of them but it’s not really possible to do them justice with mere mortal pens and watercolours. Blake has been ‘helping‘ me and accidentally walked into my brush loaded with pink watercolour. He runs away when I try to clean it off so I guess he’ll have to look like something’s bitten him!

When I’m not trying to put peonies down on paper, I’m continuing to educate myself and..I dunno…making my social channels less white. Most of the social ‘content’ I consume is made by white voices. Not intentionally, but I’m very intentional about changing that! I’ve started reading How To Be an Antiracist* by Ibram X. Kendi. And I have Black and British: A Forgotten History* by David Olusoga ready to listen to on Audible. (*Amazon affiliate links)

Graceful Photographs of Solitary Figures by Oye Diran.

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The Unwanted: The Secret Windrush Files. On BBC Two Saturday 14th at 20:15. And it will be available on iPlayer after it has aired.

The Overlooked Role of Black Women in Renaissance Paintings.

Harriet Powers was an African-American slave, folk artist, and quilt maker from rural Georgia. {via}

Striking Portraits by Artist Tawny Chatmon Embellished with Gold Garments and Ornate Backdrops.

A gallery of pain and protest.

Watch the Uncomfortable Conversations with A Black Man below (more here).


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