Crochet with Knitting

For a while I have been wondering if it were possible to crochet into knit because I really wanted to make a pair of mittens. I wanted the stretch of a knitted cuff but my knitting skills do not extend to making the whole mitten so I would crochet the rest of the mitten.

But was it possible to crochet into the knitted stitches or would it all just unravel? Responses to the question on Instagram was that yes, it is possible to crochet into the knitted stitches. So the other evening I set out to do just that and it worked!

I may have made the cuff a bit too big but hey-ho, atleast I have proof that the concept works!

A few (probably many!) years ago I crocheted a mitten but I never made the other one! I think the reason I never made the other one is that I wasn’t digging the crocheted cuff. I hope with a knitted cuff I will finally make an actual pair of mittens! :-D


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