Random Colours

I’ve been uploading files to Google Drive, recently. Basically backing up the whole computer. It is really boring. But it also gives me a chance to sort through some files. I don’t need duplicates of duplicates of duplicates! :-)

Occasionally I come across things, pictures in particular, that I have no recollection of taking or why. Like these pictures. There are a few similar pictures, I must have had some kind of plan for them?

But I never used them for anything but I quite like the colour combos so I thought I’d share them, maybe they can inspire colours for an embroidery or a quilt or who knows.

I won’t give the actual DMC numbers because I’m not 100% about all of them. Although, I am such a nerd, especially when it comes to the colours I use a lot, that I can usually make a pretty good guess at the exact colour. Embroidery nerd, that’s me. Maybe that should be an embroidery. ;-)


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