Wheel of The Year So Far

It occurred to me that I haven’t actually shared what the Wheel of The Year embroidery looks like so far. So here it is! I am SO happy with it! I am absolutely excited about how it is turning out.

I have a couple more of the motifs drawn and ready to go but the drawing version is one thing, the stitched version is something else. Especially next to each other.

I am ridiculously excited about seeing this project grow. A part of me actually can’t quite believe that I made that. :-)

You can of course still join in the stitchalong for the Wheel of The Year project. These first three motifs are available to download straight away and the rest will be released through the year until the last one at the end of October. The next motif will be released in less than a month, in time for Beltane at the start of May. :-)


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