The Bottom of The Darning Pile

I like darning socks. But it’s not always a priority. Usually other things take up my hand stitching time. So the number of socks waiting to be darned had grown. To the point of overflowing the small basket I keep them in. And it has been on my mental to-do list to sort it out.

Turns out darning socks is the perfect thing to be doing in front of the telly when you’re emerging from the fug of having a cold. So last weekend I spent most of the time darning socks in front of the telly. It felt ‘productive’ but not too exhausting. And now most of the socks are darned!

The fruits of my darning labour. If the thread colour matches the sock, it is a matter of coincidence. I like visible mending (although some of these are more like “hey, look at me” mending!) and I’m not really particular with the colour matching. I basically just grab the nearest skein of thread. :-)

I use embroidery thread to darn socks like these. I find that it is very durable. And it is soft which is important for the toesy-woesies. ;-)


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