Stitch Tutorial: Russian Chain Stitch

The Russian chain stitch is a pretty version of the regular chain stitch. Although it’s broken into segments so is it really a chain stitch..? :-)

If you want to try the stitch in a pattern, it is one of the stitches used in my recent Blooms Burst pattern. The pattern also has an extra PDF with tutorials for all the stitches used in the pattern.

In the pattern I used it to stitch some lavender-ish flowers. I like the effect of the stitch. And I enjoyed mixing two thread colours together to create a subtle colour change. I think you can just about see it in the photo below. :-)

Blooms Burst

Start the stitch by making a lazy daisy stitch, but don’t finish the stitch by adding the little straight stitch that secures it.

Instead, insert the needle into the point where you just pulled the needle through. Push the needle down and through the fabric, coming out at an angle. Make sure that the thread is under the needle.

Pull the thread to make another lazy daisy stitch and secure with a small straight stitch.

Bring the needle and thread up through the first lazy daisy stitch, then insert the needle at the same point.

Make another lazy daisy stitch at an angle to the first one.

To make the next section in the chain, bring the needle and thread up at the point in between the two angled stitches and repeat the previous steps.

And here is that finished stitch again. I think it would work nicely as a curved border too.

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