The weary shopper

What with all the crocheting going on on the blog lately, you’d almost think that was the only thing I’m doing at the moment. And you’d be right. Well, mostly. I have managed to get this li’l lady done. Embroidered on linen.

When I start work at noon, I’m usually a bit early (mainly because I hate being late), but since I don’t feel like sitting in the lunch room for 20-30 minutes, I sit down somewhere in the shopping centre and do some quick sketches of people. I’m not very comfortable with drawing people and doing it while they are moving and you only have a few seconds, a minute at most, to do it, is quite daunting to me.

But also very, very good! Because I feel like I’m getting better at it, even if it is only very slowly.

All that to say that this embroidered lady is based on one of those sketches. It is obviously one of the better ones, exactly because she was sitting still and for several minutes!

I like using drawings like this, or blind contour drawings, for embroidery projects. I have very little patience for patterns of any kind. They are nice if they work for you, but to me half the pleasure of embroidering is to come up with something myself. Transferring an image from one media to another.

It’s like giving a drawing a different life, it becomes almost three-dimensional, and certainly the embroidered image is a lot more tactile than the drawing!


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