Hooked on ripples!

I’ve been looking at all the cool crochet rippling going on and I so wanted too join in that I got that Jan Eaton book (you know which one I mean, right?) from the library so I could try.it.out!

I got this book from Tony’s sister and her family and I actually had the library book with me on Saturday, so she almost thought she’d got me the wrong book – but I told her that I got it from the library because I didn’t know if I was going to get it, and I was so impatient to do some more crochet!

So anyway, I made a test of the ripple first, and I’m glad I did, cause being very much a newbie still, I didn’t at first get how to crochet two together… very confusing. But I got there in the end and then I unravelled the test ripple and started this scarf.

I think it’ll be a birthday present for someone.. not going to say who, in case she reads this (!). I have no plan for the colours, I just pick them at random. Well, kind of random, I try to not have too similar colours be neighbours…

Not completely sure how wide to make it. At the moment it’s three rows wide; I’m thinking six will be a good number – or possibly seven.


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