Huggable Happyscape

I may have gone a bit crazy over the top with this soft version of a Happyscape.

Lots and lots of felt flowers. Yes, that’s why I did all that banging the other day.

And then there was the stitching. Many hours of stitching. But that is all good. Ahhh yeah.

Mostly buttonhole wheels and daisy stitches. But also French knots. I love French knots. And once I got over making them absolutely perfect each time, they are A LOT easier to do.

A rainbow, of course. And leaves.

Very wide open chains making waves. Oh yes, I really did just say that.

And how cute is the fabric on the back? It’s from my mum. All my cute fabric is from my mum. She knows better than me that I actually like the cute stuff.

Another proof of my loving the cute stuff is the picture I have of Tony cuddling the Softscape, but I’m not allowed to post that. So I’ll have to keep that one to myself. ;-)

Blogger seems to be having some problems right now, so fingers crossed that I can actually post this. Here we go.

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