The Happyscape is a finalist!!

I can barely believe it, but my Happyscape softie is a finalist in the Softie Awards!!! When I saw it this morning (actually, my first clue was a comment left by Susie on Flickr – thank you, Susie!!) I was like “oh my god, oh my god!”. And then Tony was like “what, what, what??!” He he.

I’m SOOOO happy. I spent so, so many hours embroidering this thing, and being a finalist is really like a prize in itself. Thank you for making the Happyscape a finalist! And if you want to make both of us even happier, go here to vote for the Happyscape!

To celebrate this, I’m actually going to do another give-away. Not sure what will be in it yet, but something happy for sure! Leave a comment on this post before midnight today, Monday April 28. If you already left a comment for the birthday give-away you are automatically entered in this one as well. But you can’t win twice, we want to spread the love, right? ;-)

You don’t have to vote for me* to play, you don’t have to vote at all – but why not go show people that you appreciate all their hard work? And PLEASE remember to fill in the email field if you leave a comment. It is invisible to anyone but me and I won’t pass it on to anyone. :-)

*except if you are related to me in some way, then you HAVE TO vote for me!! ;-)


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