Cosy daleks

Tony got a new mp4 player for his birthday from his parents. It’s a pretty cool gadget, which can do just about anything. Except cook you breakfast. But it’s bigger than his old one, so of course I offered (= won’t take no for an answer) to make a cosy for it. So I spent an hour, or so, drawing daleks on a piece of fabric. Because Tony likes daleks, and I really couldn’t think of what else to do for him… Maybe tomorrow I’ll make the cosy for him. Or next week… ;-)

I also did some other drawing on fabric. I really regret not getting more of those fabric gel rollers for £1 when I had the chance. The best price I’ve found online so far is £2.50. Bummer.

It really is just so much fun to draw on fabric. It’s quick too, and there’s no mess, no setting up supplies or tools. You just draw. I like that kind of instant gratification!

The daleks are of course copyright of the BBC and I’m only making this for love and fun, not to make any kind of profit from it.


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