This post has no pictures, but is rather lovey-dovey and also pretty long

Greetings from Denmark!

This morning I realised that there is only one month (exactly) to the wedding. Bloody hell that has gone by fast! And as my mum sits in the other room, working on my wedding dress (more about that when I get back to England and can post pictures), I figure this is as good a time as any to tell the whole world how we actually met.

Also, it might be nice to have it in writing for when we are old and can’t remember it any longer.

This is the short version: we met through the internet. This is probably still a bit weird for some people; how can you fall in love with someone you’ve never met? Well, I don’t know, but that is what happened.

This is the long version: in the spring of 2002 I started frequenting the Star Wars online message boards. That was a lot of fun, chatting to lots of fellow Star Wars fans about SW and anything else between this galaxy and one that is far, far away. There are both topic specific threads and more general chat threads, one of them (Minions Required) was started by someone who called himself something shortened to CM (chaoticmass? chaosmaestro? cookiemonster?) and it was pure MAYHEM.

It moved very quickly (as a lot of threads did in those days – ah the memories) and it was crazy! So I didn’t venture far into it, but some of the others persuaded me to use it, because they were. And so I did. And it was fun and crazy and chaotic. For a time, but then it became a bit too rowdy and some people got banned (oh dear, oh dear…) and the thread was eventually closed. So, someone started their own thing elsewhere and we played there and people started to become friends. Chatting on MSN Messenger and the like. Tony and I were among them. This went on for a few months.

Then, one weekend in May 2003, he didn’t come online at all. Which was kinda strange. But stranger still was the way I felt about his absence. Which was not good. I missed him terribly and by Saturday evening I realised that “hey, I think I’m in love with this guy that I have never met!” I remember thinking words to that exact effect while watching Terminator on a Swedish channel (strange the things that become lodged in your memory, eh?)

So I decided that something must be done and that Monday I waited impatiently for him to appear. I told him “we need to talk!” and we did. Luckily, luckily, the feeling was mutual and 3 weeks later he came over to visit me. We spent a beautiful week together and by the time he flew back to England we both knew that that was it. We belonged together.

In fact, that first day when he came over, we had a picnic in a park in Århus and as we walked away from there, he took my hand and said “I’m never letting you go” (in a romantic way, not a creepy internet-stalker kinda way!) and he never has. Lucky me. :-)

Then, for 2½ years we were together but apart in England and Denmark. Which was really tough. It absolutely sucks when you can’t be properly together, but have to rely on emails and phone calls + plus whatever actual time together you can afford. But we made it. Long distance relationships can work. But you have to work for it. And in a way I think it was good. Because we had to communicate, you know. We couldn’t rely on body language and things like that. If only the time apart hadn’t been as long as it was.

He is the most amazing guy in the world. So funny and smart. He has great taste in many, many things. He picks me up when I’m down and pokes fun of me in the most infuriating way that I can’t help laugh at him even when it really, REALLY annoys me. The most amazing thing about him, though, is how he has become more amazing over the years I have known him. I love getting to know him better and better.

I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life getting to know him even better. And right now I can’t wait to see him later tonight.

Well… I think that’s about as much lovey-doveyness as you can take..? ;-)


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