Dotty for gocco!

Yesterday I went to the post office to pick up a lovely package with gocco inks, screens and bulbs. Although they almost wouldn’t give it to me because I didn’t have any proof of address with me. But nowhere on the delivery card did it say to bring that, only a form of ID. So I brought my passport along. Well, I did get it in the end and look, how pretty are those little ink boxes?

But the colours of the boxes don’t correspond exactly to the actual ink. Which is a bit disappointing. But it’s alright, I like the colours anyway. And of course I had to make a new gocco print. How could I not? After about an hour of faffing about, I finally decided on this dotty design. I like it. It seems like it’s all about dots at the moment!

But I’m wondering why I can’t commit myself to a more figurative design. Fear of mucking it up, I guess. Or, the fact that the possibilities are fricking endless, so how am I going to settle on one sketch?? At least the non-figurative designs can be used in multiple ways and partially. Like these envelopes. How cool is that, to be able to send your very own custom envelopes? Bloody loving that. Now I just have to write some letters! ;-)


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