Cycle patterns

Black and red tricycle embroidered on white fabric.

It’s the beginning of July and that means that I will actually be watching the telly in the afternoon (I rarely have the telly on when I’m on my own). Why, you ask? Because it is time for the Tour de France! Hooray! I don’t really care about sports in general. But Le Tour? That I can get into. And have been for many years.

Not sure why, exactly. Maybe it’s because it is awe inspiring to think that these guys cycle some 3,000 kilometres in less than 3 weeks. And not only that, but they climb some rather steep mountains in the process. That is pretty cool, I think!

So, my new embroidery patterns are inspired in a small way by Le Tour, although most of the cycles I’ve drawn up are probably less than ideal for participating in Le Tour. But how cool would it be if someone entered on a penny farthing?!

There are 2 patterns, Freewheelin’ and Keepin’ Steady. Each has 3 cycles. Freewheelin’ is old skool lady’s bike, racer and a tandem. Keepin’ Steady is a bit more adventurous: unicycle, penny farthing and tricycle (based on the ones I remember from my child hood).

Now, not only are the patterns inspired by Le Tour, but also by my sweet husband. This year Tony is participating in the London to Southend bike ride (60 miles/100 kilometres) for the British Heart Foundation. He’s pretty cool, huh? Funny thing is, when he did it last year; immediately afterwards he said ‘never again’. But shortly after he said that he was doing it this year after all! ;-)

So, for the rest of July (the bike ride is on July19), the proceeds from both of the cycle patterns will be donated to the BHF. I hope you will help me (and Tony) support this very worthy cause.

Get them here: Artfire & Etsy.


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