Where time stands still…

We visited Morfar (my maternal grandad) when we we’re in Denmark. On the way there I took some pictures with my new phone.. it has a Polaroid type app. Fun! I like this early morning shot of Tange Sø (Lake).

We stopped at the baker’s in Morfar’s town. how about those Kaj cakes? Little froggy marcipan fellas.. The cakes seem to be bigger in Morfar’s town. He lives on an island, in the west of Denmark. I think they like their cakes there. Plain and simple cakes. Comfort food. Not a single latte in sight.

I like this small shelf. It hangs in Morfar’s kitchen. It used to hang in the living room in his old house. It reminds me of my grandma…

We popped by my uncle’s summer house. It is down a narrow track. It is nice.

Sea view. And horse view. We’ve spent holidays here in the past. And paddled about in canoes..

Pretty white horses. 
More pictures in this Flickr set.

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