Polka & Bloom customer story

Here’s what usually happens when someone buys a Polka & Bloom pattern: they pay for it, I send the pattern and that’s pretty much the end of the story. But not always!

Sometimes I get a super nice email about a project where a pattern has been used. Like the one I got from Kristin a few days ago. She just wanted to share what she made! That makes me SO happy!

And I was quite moved by this project in particular, because Kristin used the Tree of Life pattern on a quilt for a friend.

Kristin let me share the story with you, and I’ll quote a little bit from her email: “It’s a baby quilt for a friend who had a very difficult time conceiving, so her baby is a bit of a miracle, thus, the tree of life is very appropriate. I’m fairly new to embroidery so I’m sure I didn’t do your pattern justice, but I think it came out nice, even with my limited skills.”

That is so beautiful, and I am so honoured that she used my pattern for her gift. And I think she more than did the Tree of Life pattern justice! Thank you for sharing, Kristin!

If you have a story and pitures of a project where you used a Polka & Bloom pattern I would love if you would share it with me!


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