Made by grandmas

I like Christmas decorations that have a history… physical memories hanging on the wall or sitting on a shelf during the festive period.

The nisse up there (nisser are different from Santa) was made by my mormor (maternal grandma). I think it is crocheted. I actually don’t have any memories of my mormor crocheting.. but I was only 11 when she went back to being star dust, so I guess that’s understandable. It’s a very cute nisse. A bit kitschy, but cute. And quite small too. My mum always hangs it in the same place. That is very nice.

My farmor (paternal grandma) made these chaps. I do remember her crocheting and making all sorts. Sometimes I would make things with her, too. She used to make things like this with her sister-in-law and sometimes I would come along. And I played with the beads too… with way less skill than farmor, though!

Do you have treasured decorations in your family/home too?


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