More photos from Brugge

I promised some more photos “soon” from Brugge.. that was almost two months ago! But I did take quite a few photos and it takes time to go through them, right? It can be a bit exhausting to even think about = procrastination!

Well, here are some more photos and there are more on Flickr.

Up there, that’s the Markt, main square. It was quite nice with the lights as night fell.

This is the prettiest bike rental place I have ever seen. We didn’t rent bikes, though. Was quite close to our hotel too, but can’t remember exactly. Mind you, the centre of Brugge is quite small, so pretty much everything is close to each other.

There were quite a lot of doors, windows etc painted this bright red. I think red and white are the colours of Brugge? It’s a nice colour anyway!

And there were windmills in Brugge! We had no idea! We had our lunch at the foot of one, looking over to that one there.

Not the most exciting photo ever, I know, but how often do you get to see this sort of thing? Tony wasn’t that impressed and kinda laughed at me “are you going to take a picture of that?!” He should’ve known that yes, I was. ;-)


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