New and old stitches

Last night I switched off the computer, got out a scrap of fabric and my little bag of random bits of embroidery thread. And just started stitching. :-)

As much as I love (Love, LOVE) designing and stitching new patterns – sometimes I need to do some stitching with no goal whatsoever. Stitching just because…

And don’t you know it, even this little ‘exercise’ has already given me a lot of inspiration! I think you can to some extent ‘prod’ inspiration into action by doing things that you know have inspired you in the past… but sometimes it’s good to not even have ‘I need inspiration’ in mind and just DO.

Simply switch off the (left side of the) brain and go with the ‘mechanics’ of making something. Get into the flow of things.. You know what I mean, don’t you? :-)

It’s a mix of some old favourites and some new-to-me stitches: coral stitch and point russe.


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