Mini quilts for Japan

I’m going to ask you for money, ok? Just so we’re clear. That’s what this post is about. But it ain’t for me. Title kinda gives it away, right?

I’ll tell you something, maybe you think I’m silly… I don’t watch the news. Well, I do occasionally, but not in general. I’m quite the sensitive softie type with a very active imagination to boot, so it doesn’t take much of this world’s disasters and minor mishaps for me to be in tears.. So, uh, I’m kinda banned from watching the news. I guess my sweetie pie husband doesn’t like to see me in tears. ;-)

So, I haven’t watched much of the coverage of the disasters in Japan. But I did catch a snippet the other day… literally, a snippet, maybe a couple of minutes – a couple of kids whose parents were missing and they had gone back to what used to be their house and now it is just a pile of rubble and they found a photograph of their dad.. the despair on their faces…

It feels so hopeless and what the heck can you do.. so much suffering… but I want to do something.. So over on eBay I have listed these two mini quilts which you can see pictures of below. You should bid on them. They start at £10 (approx. $16). That’s not a lot. Every single penny that doesn’t go to eBay and Paypal will be donated to the Red Cross. Oh and there’s no postage to pay either, so maybe throw in a couple of extra pound/dollars/whatever currency you use. I’ll ship these to anywhere in the world.

Go bid. Now. Blue quilt – Warm colours quilt. 

Thank you.


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