Step inside the rainbow. Or maybe not…

I’ll be honest with ya: this was supposed to be a completely different post. Something about how awesome it was to look out over my home town through the multi-coloured glass of this art installation, Your Rainbow Panorama, atop the local art museum.

Alas, Tony and I got about as close to it as the lady there with the red hair. And then we kinda looked at it and then at each other and just knew: yeah, there’s no way we’re going up there! As cool and interesting as it would have been… but when your legs start trembling and your stomach starts turning – I guess you kinda know that this particular piece of ‘interactive’ art is not something you wish to take part in. Damn fear of heights! ;-)

It is pretty though – I think they should leave it there – now that would be a landmark to write home about!

Humpback Gunship by Benjamin Gilbert. A large metal sculpture of a humpback whale with helicopter rotors on its back.

In stead of getting inside the rainbow in the sky, we went over and patted this odd and kinda endearing metal whale sculpture…. Humpback Gunship by Benjamin Gilbert.

More about Your Rainbow Panorama by Olafur Eliasson.


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