Beach and ice cream

After my parents picked us up at the airport on Friday we went for a little drive to the beach on the west coast of Jutland. It’s a beach you can drive onto!

I took pictures of the waves. Lots of pictures of the waves. And dipped my toes in the water. It’s the law.

But of course this is what you REALLY want to know about: the ice cream! This lot was our second of the day; we also had ice cream while waiting at the airport! But we’re on holiday so it’s ok, right? ;-)

Mine had a scoop each of strawberry and raspberry, topped with a stitcky sweet foam type thing (called ‘guf’ or ‘skum’) which is delicious and sickening too. Tony had regular soft ice with a rainbow of sprinkles (called ‘krymmel’ in Danish).

Notice the cones – they are actually really nice and ‘biscuit-y’; not at all like what passes for a cone in England..

Tony’s ice cream again. Then my dad’s with liquorice sprinkles. Believe it or not, liquorice and ice cream go really nicely together! Finally, my mum’s, with foam as well. Nice.

This is a different place. Quite pretty I think. Pretty close to a perfect vista of a Danish summery beach: dunes, sea, blue sky…

So far, we’re having a really lovely time! ..well, apart from this minor hiccup: I’ve got a cold, boo.

If you’re interested in seeing exactly where these pictures are taken, I’m adding them to the map thingy on Flickr, so if you click over there you can check that out. Also, there’s a Flickr set for our trip – I promise I won’t blog every single picture I take! ;-)


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