Saying goodbye…

This was supposed to be a different post. I was going to say I was sorry I can’t go help out my mum (she broke her arm while on holiday), but now.. it turns out that I’ll be going to Denmark in the next couple of days after all..

My Morfar (maternal grandfather) passed away this morning. It was expected, even hoped for, because the last few years he’s not been well. It was difficult to understand him; my mum, who visited him the most, was only just able to understand some of what he was saying. Life was not good for him these past few years, and a few times he said he’d had enough. Old age was definitely doing its work.. he would have been 96 later this year. I think that’s enough for most people…

Morfar took us fishing. Morfar called all the grand kids ‘drenge’ (means boys in Danish), even the girls. Morfar took me for walks and we’d pick flowers for my Mormor. Morfar helped me build an igloo. Morfar took us sailing in my uncle’s boat and we’d have picnics on a beach somewhere. Morfar helped me make a tent from blankets. Morfar had an allotment and we’d go with him and I’d pick fresh pea pods and eat the peas right then and there. Morfar had to learn to cook and do the washing when Mormor died 24 years ago. Morfar made special Danish Christmas cookies every year because he knew I loved them.

Rest in peace, Morfar. I hope they let you smoke your pipe wherever you are…
And now I need to get the practical things sorted…like last minute plane tickets, ugh. Things might be a bit quiet around here for a wee bit, apart from a few posts I’ve prepared already. I know you’ll understand. :-)


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