Travelling across

Hi. :-) Thank you for your thoughts and words regarding my grandfather. You’re very sweet. And I’m sorry I’ve not had time to respond to your comments individually.

I’m tired, both emotionally and physically… The funeral was Saturday. It was a beautiful ceremony, with words that made you cry and made you laugh. Just like life… I’ll show you a few photos later – there were beautiful flowers..

Yesterday I went with my mum and two of her brothers to empty Morfar’s flat. In a way it’s a strange thing to take part in. Belongings being divided up, some going to family members, some donated to the charity shop. But most of it going in the skip. That’s a bit sad; but he was a heavy smoker so most things had a nice ‘finish’ of nicotine and smelled of smoke…

At one point I was standing outside Morfar’s flat; one of the other residents walked past, she looked at me and said “so now your father [sic] has travelled across”… I thought that was quite a beautiful way to describe it. Whether you believe there is anything after this life or not.

I did keep a small pile of things. More than anyone else, I think. I feel a bit like they must think I’m terribly greedy.. but.. it’s not about the stuff.. I think by holding on to some of his (and my grandma’s) possessions, things I remember seeing in use in their home, I can hold on to them in some small way… :-)


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