My Dala Horse wip

Here’s my Dala horse project – a bit smaller than I was going to make it. My original project was going to be a large Dala on a cushion cover, but don’t you know it, I’ve had a deep crack in my finger and the needle somehow found its way there whenever I was sewing, ouch! So sewing was put on hold for several days!

I was also going to add more stitchy embellishments to this Dala, but I think it’s better to keep it simple – especially when it’s so small – it fits comfortably within a 6″ embroidery hoop..

Anyway, my Dala project isn’t finished yet – I’ll show you the finished project next week. You know, when I have actually finished it! :-)

Right, stay tuned for a Dala Craftalong round up right here later today! :-)

Dala Horse Craftalong group on Flickr.


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