Happy Beltane!

Belated happy Beltane! And belated happy Imbolc and Spring Equinox!

Yes, I’m working on another Wheel of The Year inspired project! Which I am very much enjoying. It’s quite different from the previous two! 2022 Wheel and 2023 Wheel.

Things have been a bit (a lot) quiet here on the blog lately. I got busy with…stuff, I guess?

And I am currently working on a big behind the blog scenes project. Which is time consuming and very boring, so maybe I’m also a little tired of looking at the blog! šŸ˜

When I wrote my blog through Blogger I used to host the images on Flickr. A few years ago, I moved the blog to WordPress and now I host the images on my own domain. So I don’t need to use Flickr. In fact, I haven’t uploaded anything to Flickr in probably two years. It’s a bit…sad maybe. Flickr used to be my go to for sharing photos, back in the day. Starting almost 20 years ago!

Since I don’t use Flickr much these days, and I don’t need it for image hosting, it’s silly to keep paying for the pro version. But the free version only allows you to have 1,000 images/videos uploaded and before I started the move of the photos to my own domain I had over 11,000!

So I have been moving the photos to my own domain before deleting them on Flickr. It’s been a very long process, even before I started working on it properly early this year.

First I went through the whole blog archive (going back to 2006!) and removed anything that was not interesting to anyone anymore, even to me. Blogs used to be part Twitter and part Instagram before those things came on the scene, didn’t they? So there was a lot of very short ‘tweet’ posts or ‘insta’ posts with just an image and nothing else. Those I got rid of.

I also got rid of posts with old shop offers and things like that. Or posts where the images had disappeared and weren’t on Flickr.

Now that I have entered the picture move phase in earnest, I am also removing posts as I go along. For example, will anyone actually miss a post from 2011 about a trip to Denmark with a bunch of pictures that aren’t interesting to anyone but me? Probably not, so then it goes into draft mode. So the archive is still there for me, I’m just cleaning up the front end a bit.

Something else I am cleaning up is broken links! I don’t think I did the blog move to WordPress 100% correctly so all the cross links to my own blog posts were still pointing to the old blog. Not helpful for anyone. But now I’m fixing those as well. I’m also fixing links to my shop. So at least this tedious process has an effect that perhaps people will notice more than the moving of the photos. šŸ˜„

Anyways! Things may stay quiet around here for a little while but I am sharing stuff regularly both in my Substack/newsletter and on YouTube.

I hope you have an excellent weekend! x Carina


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