Book review: Appetite for Reduction

I’m not a big foodie by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, I’m pretty picky. Lots of things I don’t like… I rarely eat meat, not for any particular reason other than I don’t like it much. Although some types of meat I really can’t stand the smell of, like bacon and lamb.. really, really don’t like the smell of that.

Anyway, that’s a very roundabout way to start this review! I’ve wanted to try some new things in my kind-of vegetarian kitchen, and not just the same-ol’, same-ol’ pasta or rice or couscous with some kind of tomato-y vegetable sauce. Or pizza or chilli of some sort.

So I got this book: Appetite for Reduction: 125 Fast and Filling Low-Fat Vegan Recipes (Amazon affiliate link) by Isa Chandra Moskowitz (ISBN 978-1600940491)

So far I’ve tried about 8 recipes and they have all been really yummy! I’ve set myself the challenge of adding atleast one new ingredient to my ‘repertoire’ every week and it’s been really fun. Plus it’s good for me to get all the different nutrients from different sources.

The book has a short introduction to where you get different protein, vitamins and fibre from in a vegetarian diet. Then follow chapters with recipes for salads, sides and mains of different types.

The recipes (I’ve tried so far) are all pretty simple and most of them are fairly quick to make as well – which is a bonus when you’d rather be stitching than cooking. ;-)

I have really enjoyed cooking these recipes, cooking has actually been kinda fun and not just a chore. :-)

The recipe pages are pretty basic and that’s all you need if you ask me. Ingredients, recipe, nutritional information and maybe a tip on this or that. It’s kinda refreshing to see a recipe book that’s all about the food and less about the lifestyle of the author. You know what I mean, right? ;-)

There are some pretty pictures in the book, though! But pretty as they are, they aren’t overly styled. Which is also very nice and refreshing! I get so tired of all those fancy, slightly out of focus foodie shots which only show you a small corner of what you’re trying to make.

To sum up: I really recommend this book if you want to eat vegetarian food that isn’t boring (many of the the recipes have wine in them, yo!), quick and easy to cook. Oh and which is also really, really yummy.

Meat eaters will enjoy the dishes too, I’m sure! ;-)


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