Not just a breakfast thing…

You know, I sometimes feel sorry for those people who have never tried and never will try the deliciousness that is bread (pretty much any kind of bread) with pålægschokolade. It’s thin slices of chocolate which we Danes have on bread. Usually at breakfast, but at other times too. It’s very nice in a packed lunch!

Apparently, most people prefer the milk chocolate version, but it’s too sweet for me. The dark variety for me please. My favourite brand is Galle & Jessen. Yum.

There is something really satisfying about putting the slice on your bread, then breaking it with your finger. The slices stick better when broken up; a whole slice could slide off!

Oh you may keep all your Nutellas and jams and whatnot, if I can have pålægschokolade, I’m happy. It’s one thing I always stock up on when we’re in Denmark. :-)

Edit: check this post to see some links to places where you can buy pålægschokolade…


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