Fabric. Squares. Quilt.

This is ‘our’ bedroom in Wales – it was huge! And the bed itself was pretty big too. Nice! I brought the two quilts along, despite Tony’s “what do you need them for?” I brought the big one in case it was cold in the house and we wanted something extra to snuggle under (close to the sea and stuff, you never know, it be a bit chilly) – but it turned out that it was pretty warm and the duvet provided was way too warm – so we ended up sleeping just with the quilt!

Which I’ve mentioned before, maybe you remember it? It’s been a long time in the making because it’s made from Tony’s old work shirts, so I was collecting those for several years until I finally had enough! I’m so happy with it – the colours go so well together. And I’m really pleased that I thought to take a picture of it on a bed that has a bit more charm than the one we have here at home. :-)

The other quilt, which you can only see a small bit off, is our picnic blanket – we used it twice, so I think that was worth bringing as well! Everyone needs a pretty picnic blanket, that’s my opinion anyway… It’s made from all kinds of ‘mis-matched’ fabrics. I really like that!

I’m working on another quilty picnic blanket where the top is made from dec weight from IKEA – should be quite happy to look at! Will show you more when I’ve got a bit further than cutting out the squares for it..


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