Shirt Pocket Advent Calendar

I promised I’d show you the Advent Calendar itself and here it is! Remember the quilt I made from Tony’s old work shirts? Well, I kept the pocket bits too. I figured I’d find an idea to use them eventually. And don’t you know it, shirt pockets are the perfect size for Advent calendar gifts!

Here is a post with ideas for how to wrap all the little gifts.

And super easy to make. The hardest part is the patience you need to collect the shirts which can take years. ;-) But I suppose you may be able to buy some cheap shirts at a thrift shop.

Cut out the pockets, leaving about half an inch seam allowance at the sides of each one, and about an inch at the top and bottom. Sew together in rows, I’ve got 4 in each row. Then sew the rows together. You’ll also need to sew on some backing fabric.

I added a pocket at the top which fits a hanger. This way I can hang the calendar pretty much anywhere. I don’t need to put up a hook or nail to hang it.

I was going to dye the whole thing, so it would look at bit more streamlined. But I quite like the mis-matched, home-y look. And who am I kidding anyway, I’m not really the streamlined type! ;-)

You could sew a number on each pocket, but I’m pretty sure that also falls into the streamlined, organised category. Instead I simply painted numbers on tags (made from last year’s Christmas cards!), tied them to bits of baker’s twine and taped the twine to the back of the gifts. Easy, quick.

Just the way I like it.


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  1. December 14, 2011 / 10:21 pm

    Ooh, that is so cool! Totally beats my advent calendar. I'm going to have to start nicking my bf's shirts whether he still wants them or not to make one for next year!

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