The Thames in bits

I went for a walk along the river yesterday and I had a camera with me. I don’t know what possessed me to take loads of pictures to put together to one big picture. It was freezing cold so taking of my gloves was pretty crazy!

Anyway, I did take lots of pictures and then I put them together and this is the result. Funny how I seem to have missed bits. But that’s ok. I like it. I like how it doesn’t line up perfectly. I like how the light changes from one section to the next. I even like the holes.

It’s funny how we see things. Or how we think we see things. Compared to how the camera ‘sees’. It can only see a little bit at a time. What the camera sees is flat. We can see in 3 dimensions of course, but we can only focus on a small bit at a time too. Although we’re also aware of stuff to the sides and up and down etc.

The things we’re looking at is in focus, the rest is kinda blurry. Maybe we think that we can see more than the camera because we know that it’s there… But the camera doesn’t ‘know’ anything, it doesn’t have any experience etc.. Hmm. Quite curious. And kinda making my head spin a little bit. ;-)


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