London – Pattern – Neon

I went into London yesterday. And I took some pictures. First I went to this place in Grosvenor Square. I took all the pictures with the FxCamera app on my phone. Which makes them look sorta polaroid-y. Which I quite like and I have figured out why that is: because it takes square pictures I have to focus more on what I’m taking pictures of and how I position that in the frame.

With my normal camera I can just generally shoot what I’m looking at and then crop it later if necessary. But I can’t do that with this app. Makes it a fun challenge! You can see the images larger in this set over on Flickr + a few extra ones. :-)

After Grosvenor Square I walked all the way along Oxford Street to Tottenham Court Road (that’s quite a walk!) and around the corner to the British Museum. I like the BM, but it’s so big and I always manage to get slightly lost. Sometimes that’s annoying and sometimes it’s an adventure.

Some patterns I saw on the Tube. 

A guy sat down across from me on the Tube and pulled a Rubik’s cube which he solved in what seemed like 30 seconds! The he put it back in his pocket and pulled out another one with 5×5 squares on each side and starting solving that one! I really wanted to lean over and ask him “Is there a system to this?!” But I didn’t. I get the impression that talking to people on the Tube is frowned upon. Also, I’m kinda shy. ;-)

Bits of neon spotted on Oxford Street!


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