Dandelion Wreath – new embroidery pattern

Hey! This is my latest pattern – Dandelion Wreath, it’s in the shop right now. It’s one of those patterns where I was just randomly doodling and then all of a sudden pretty much the whole pattern was just there! The Dandelion is such a happy flower, I think. I know, it’s a weed and some people definitely don’t like it. So if you don’t appreciate it in your garden you can show it some love in your embroidery hoop! ;-)

When I was little we used to make wreaths of dandelions and wear them in our hair – sometimes we made them really long and wore them around our necks. I also seem to recall something about flicking the flower heads at each other. Kids do the oddest things, huh?

PS – Dandelion Wreath is also the March pattern in the 2012 Pattern Subscription – ready to download along with January one.


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