May Flowers embroidery pattern

This is my latest pattern, it’s called May Flowers. It’s one of those patterns where I thought I had it all planned out, proper drawing before I started stitching and everything.

But then… some parts just weren’t doing it for me. So changes were made and then it came together and all was well in the world. ;-)

It’s a pretty big pattern in the original size: 8″ / 20cm wide! But the pattern file also includes a smaller size if you’re not ready to work that large..! It’s a bit unusual for me to do something that large – but I guess you gotta do something different from time to time.. :-)

It’s kinda embarrassing how many close ups I take of my embroideries… but I just really like looking at those unexpected close up angles of the colours and the shapes. Seeing the stitchery afresh, I guess. :)


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