Thoughts on book writing + a sneak peek

I’m working on the last section of my book! All the stitching is done.

It’s really weird, I have to say. You live with something for so long. Look at the same patterns and projects for months and it kinda consumes you. And then all of a sudden it’s done. Gone. Sent off to the publisher in a big box.

Just when I started twiddling my thumbs because the stitching is done, it hit me that “oh yes, I have to actually write the book too!” So that’s what I’m doing now. Writing, writing, writing every day. I like that. The writing, the concentrated writing like this, is a weird process too. Every day when I sit down at the keyboard to start, my head feels completely blank. But then I tell myself to just start with one thing, just get the ball rolling. And it really does. The more I write, the easier it flows. I’m almost sad when I stop for the day! Funny that…

Well, I thought I’d share just a few sneak peeks at what I’ve been working on for the past few months. Hours and hours of stitching… Of course, I can’t reveal much! ;-)


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