Sewing tutorial tip

This is a tip for anyone making tutorials which include any sewing machine steps. If you’re taking pictures of the fabric in the sewing machine – under the needle, so to speak, switch off the sewing machine while taking pictures.

See the difference up there in the two photos? They’ve come straight out of the camera. I used an appropriate ISO (light) setting for the conditions in which the photos are taken. And both photos are taken with the exact same settings, within seconds of each other.

But because of the light from the sewing machine, the light information for the camera gets confused and makes everything outside the strongest light source (the sewing machine bulb) look dark.

We may think we need to have the sewing machine switched on, because it will show the machine ‘in use’. As if the photo was taken while we were sewing whatever the project is. But that isn’t true, of course. Unless you have someone taking the picture while you actually are sewing.

So switch off the machine while taking pictures. It will look so much better and it will be sooooooo much easier to see what’s actually going on. :-)


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