Happy quilt top

This makes me so happy… Now that I have a bit more time on my hands, I can make things just for me, just because.

That feels so good.

Writing a book is pretty great, but I won’t lie: it’s a lot of work and sometimes it completely consumes every waking moment. And a few sleeping moments, too! Which leaves very little time for making other things.

But now it’s almost done and the other evening I had to give in to an urge to cut fabric squares – and yesterday morning I sewed them all together.

10×5 squares which were each 15cm before sewing together. Lap sized I guess.. I might make it a bit bigger. Maybe 10×10 squares….

I love the colours in these fabrics.. they feel so.. me..

I love bright colours. They make me happy. :-)

What are your favourite colours..?


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