Tissue paper transfer tutorial

Some textiles are a right pain to transfer embroidery patterns to. Felt especially! Transfer paper smudges and water soluble pens won’t really ‘stick’ to it at all. And you don’t really want to use anything that involves ironing the felt! What to do?!

The solution is really, really simple and you may already have what you need in your craft stash!

You need a ball-point pen
– preferably one that dries quickly so you don’t get ink rubbing off on your floss.
And you need your felt and floss and needle..
The magic ingredient is tissue paper! The kind you use to wrap gifts etc, not the kind for blowing your nose!
– it’s best to use a colour that is similar to the textile you want to stitch on, just in case the tissue paper smudges if your hands are sweaty. ;-)

Transfer or draw the pattern you want to stitch, then pin it to the felt. If it’s a large pattern then you might want to baste the tissue paper to the felt so you don’t risk poking yourself on the pins..

Stitch your pattern. Then when you’re done start tearing the tissue paper away from the stitching. Gently does it! You don’t want to pull the stitches too much!

Where the stitches are quite close to each other, you may want to use a pair of tweezers to help grip the paper.

And that’s all there is to it! :-)


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