The sun rises, the sun sets

I woke up early this morning… was out of of bed by 5:30. For no reason. But it was ok, because then I got the mad idea that I would go down to the river to watch the sun come up (around 8:00, so not early of course!) – at other times of the year the sun comes up way further north than now, so no chance of seeing the sunrise this close by the river.

So I stood there, snappin’ pictures for well over half an hour. People in the flats overlooking the path along the river must have thought I was crazy.

Did I mention that it was pretty cold? And with chill factor it was probably below zero. Brrr! When I got back home it took me a couple of hours to feel warm again! But it was worth it, because the sunrise was pretty magic… Don’t you think? :-)

Looking west towards the QE2 bridge.

I decided that it would be fun to go take pictures of the sunset too! Barely 8 hours after the sun came up. It’s a little bit depressing.. isn’t it?


By the way, this is the river Thames. We live in the county of Essex, and over on the other side is the county of Kent. If you go upriver (right when facing the river from this side) you’ll eventually end up in London. And if you go downriver, you’ll end up in the North Sea.


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