Excited. And disappointed.

Some of my photos are in a new embroidery book, yay! I took a few pictures of them in Waterstones last week…

And yes, I may have grinned rather loudly when I saw my Dala horse on the inside title page! The people sitting near me may have thought I was a tad crazy. And I would have confirmed that suspicion if I had followed my urge to show them the page telling them “that’s my photo, of something I made, in a BOOK!” But I didn’t. ;-)

I do not own a copy of the book. Yet. It’s kinda pricy, so I’m waiting until I can find it at a good price. Unfortunately, the publisher seems to have a policy of not sending copies to people who contribute photos. People who contribute those photos without being paid for it mind you!

That’s a bit disappointing. And a bit miserly. At retail price the book may cost £20, but that’s not the cost price obviosuly. So to send a copy to each of us, who contributed photos, would have cost £50-100 in total, perhaps. Considering what it would may have cost them to buy the rights to use the images..or commission someone tostitch examples, that seems like a bargain to me.

But what do I know, eh? So you’ll forgive me for not telling you what book it is, but I’m not going to help them advertise the book when my (our!) work is worth so seemingly little to them. :-/

Lesson learnt, I guess… Vent over.

PS. I just want to add: I do not blame the author of this book, this is a decision by the publisher. And the impression I got of the book, from quickly leafing through it, is that it is quite nice. :-)


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