Snow. A week ago.

A week ago we were still in Denmark and there was a bit of a snowstorm! This photo was taken after about an hour of snow. It was windy as well, so the snow was drifting quite wildly.

A couple of hours later and my parents’ car was piled high with snow and my dad got out the snow blower to clear the drive. Tony and I were going to visit some friends about 15 minutes drive away, but the snow was so bad on the small road there that we had to turn back. We didn’t much fancy maybe not being able to go back later in the afternoon!

So plans were scuppered, but we got to enjoy the look of the snow falling. It is pretty when you don’t have to be out in it! Aw, poor birdy – can you see it?

In the evening, when it had stopped snowing and the wind had died down we decided we should go for a little walk in the snow. So we bundled up in big boots and thick coats, scarves and mittens. Yes, we jumped in the untouched snow and kicked big ‘boulders’ of snow. As you do. :-)

It was lucky that we did go for that walk in the evening because the next day most of the snow melted away and there wasn’t much left to make it a white Christmas Eve!


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