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Eep! Look at that, it’s an interview with me on the Spanish DMC blog. With a rather large photo of me, yikes! It’s in Spanish (the interview, not the photo), which I don’t really understand but luckily they asked me the questions in English.

I feel quite honoured that they would interview me, it’s a really lovely blog and I love DMC thread quite a lot. :-)

Even if you don’t understand much Spanish (like me!) your browser may have a translating tool built right in (Chrome does) so you can read me waffling on about this and that. ;-)

Gracias, DMC! And hola to visitors from Spain and South America, it’s nice to meet you. :-)

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And now for something completely different. As you may know, I’m one of the co-founding editors of the e-zine &Stitches. For the past year and a bit, we’ve published a bunch of issues full of stitchy goodness.

But we have made the difficult  decision to stop making the zine, for the time being atleast. We’ve made this decision for a number of reasons but the biggest is probably the work that went into it. I think 40-50 hours per issue on my part is probably a slight underestimation. Combine that with all the work on the book and all my regular work. Last year was one heck of a busy year. Annus operosus one might say. ;-)

So although it’s sad that the zine is no more, it’s also kinda nice to not feel so stressed all the time. I think Tony appreciates it too – there were many an occasion where dinner was less than inspired last year! ;-)

But onwards and upwards, the &Stitches blog isn’t going anywhere and in fact we have some fun ideas for making it even better. Do join us over there if you like the stitchy stuff!


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  1. April 5, 2013 / 8:30 pm

    Hej igen,
    da jeg jo bor i Spanien er jeg så heldig at jeg kan forstå det hele, er da efterhånden bliver mit zndet modersmål. Fint interview synes jeg, og et rigtigt godt billede! Det er altid svært at se sig selv ; -)
    Tillykke med det!

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