Maybroidery day 1-14

Maybroidery Day 1 - detail

Maybroidery Day 2 Maybroidery Day 3 Maybroidery Day 4
Here’s the result of my daily stitching this month! I’m happy to report that I’ve only missed two days so far, one because my hand was hurting (boo!) and one day because I just couldn’t find my stitching muse or something (also boo!)

But other than that, I’ve done every single day and I’m pretty darn happy about that! Most of these have taken just around 1 hour – I don’t time it exactly! And a few of them may be closer to two hours. But two hours embroidering are two hours well spent, right? ;-)

Maybroidery Day 6 - detail

Maybroidery Day 7 Maybroidery Day 8 Maybroidery Day 9
I don’t always have an idea for what I’m going to stitch each day. Although I do have a couple of pages in my sketchbook with smallish ideas that I turn to if I’m completely stuck. Sometimes I do a small drawing right on the fabric, other times it’s just a repetition of a single stitch.

I really like how, because these stitcheries are small (they fit in a 4″ hoop), it’s a good way to use up random thread leftovers. And I’m purposely not keeping track of which colours I’m using. :-)

Maybroidery Day 10 - detail

Maybroidery Day 12 Maybroidery Day 13 Maybroidery Day 14

I’m really glad I set myself this challenge! It’s a nice way to end the day; I usually do the #maybroidery stitching in the evening, after Tony has gone to bed so I can watch a “boring” documentary while I stitch. :-)

♥ stitching

PS – the fabrics in the background are all my own designs on Spoonflower

xo, Carina

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