Going to the Fat Quarterly Retreat!

Later this month I am going to the Fat Quarterly Retreat in London. This post is to introduce myself to the other retreat-goers – and anyone else who is new ’round here.

So hi! Hello, I’m Carina, a 30-something Dane living in Essex, UK. You can see a picture of me at the top of the blog. I design (and stitch!) colourful, happy embroidery patterns which I sell in my shop which is called Polka & Bloom. Sometimes I also design and sell other things like calendars and other panels you can stitch on. From time to time I also teach stitchy classes online.

I love (love love!) bright colours, flowers, dark chocolate and my husband Tony. He’s English but I don’t hold that (too much) against him. ;-)

I’d say I am a beginner when it comes to quilting (I only started sewing in general in 2006) – although that didn’t stop me from writing a quilting pattern for a book. ;-) The quilting I do is mainly with squares, so I’m taking the Sewing Curves in English paper piecing class to try something new, and hopefully learn a bunch too!

I’m also in the Improv with Lu Summers class and participating in the Trapunto and Precision Piecing tabletop classes. I’m really looking forward to all of them!

At the Saturday evening market I’ll bring along a few (brand new!) kits to sell and maybe some other fun stuff. And my new business cards, which are in the photo at the top. Well, I’ll bring those along every day, so tap me on the shoulder if you want one – they have a little embroidery pattern on each. Yay! :-)

I wasn’t at the retreat last year, but heard so much about it that I definitely wanted to go this year. I only know one person who is going (Nicole!), and I must admit that I am a leeettle nervous. I am quite introverted and a little bit shy too. But I do love to chat about sewing, crafting, bloggy things, so I’ll try not to be too boring and quiet. And if you want to talk embroidery, I’m your gal! ;-)

Other than embroidery and sewing, I crochet, paint, draw, take lots of photos and will try most crafts atleast once!

Are you going to the Retreat? What classes are you in? I’m so excited and I’m really looking forward to meeting new crafty friends! :-)

If you want to say hello on other sites, you can find me as @carinacraftblog on both Twitter and Instagram.

Here’s a quilt I’ve made using squares of some of my favourites from my fabric stash:


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