Light and shadows

We’re slowly starting to settle in our new home. As we unpack boxes and things find places to live, we’re making this feel more like a home, not just a house. Although some things will take some time… we have basically gutted the master bedroom and the bathroom… neither feel very home-y at the moment! But once the bathroom, atleast, is all done, I think we will start to feel more at home here…

One thing I have enjoyed, is noticing how the light falls at different times of the day. With the leaded windows, it sometimes creates interesting shadows. Like here in the master bedroom at sunset…

And I do like watching the light on this apartment block behind our house. Look at the contrast between the sunset golden building and the sky. Fascinating.

Some people would probably think us crazy for buying a house with basically two apartment blocks (there’s another one just to the left) in the back garden. But I don’t mind – I suspect the people living there have far better things to do than look into our garden. And I’m convinced that if it weren’t for those blocks, this house would have been way out of our price range, so I actually see it as a good thing. :-)


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