Working in my studio…

On Friday I worked in my studio for the very first time! I don’t even think I can properly express how happy I am to have a space of my own to work in. Really, truly a dream come true. :-)

I haven’t really unpacked my crafty bits yet. I was going to paint everything white first, but unfortunately the bathroom and master bedroom require more work than we first anticipated (yeah, like we haven’t watched a million episodes of Grand Designs where things are always more expensive than expected, d’oh!) So the cosmetic job in the studio has to wait, because available funds are going into having the other two rooms plastered and other fun stuff.

Well, one thing will be painted in the studio. Something I’ve wanted for…years, if not decades. I’ll show you once it’s done. ;-)

But I digress! I worked in the studio! Even did a bit of sewing on the sewing machine. :-) Which is now close enough to the socket to not need an extension lead. For some reason a small thing like that makes me really happy. :-)

Hey now, who’s that?

Why it’s only the neighbour cat. It can easily spend a few hours napping in our garden in the sunshine on any given day. And when I open the doors it will try to get in, meowing… But it doesn’t live here so the house is off limits.

Although it has trouble understanding that, because seconds after I had taken this photo it was pushing the door open to get in! Cheeky kitty! So I think I’m going to have to get a water pistol to gently teach it some boundaries.

It is a really cute cat, though. I’m not normally a cat person, but this one is just, well, cute. But not cute enough to get into my house!


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