August via Instagram

A peek at what August was like, as seen through my Instagram photos… Lots of ‘firsts’…

In August we knocked down the tiles and weird decorations and unappealing mouldings in the bathroom. Hence my charming get-up with mask, safety goggles and tea towel over my hair. At the moment we can’t use the shower/bath which is a pain… but the result is worth waiting for!

In August we got a new bed. No more sleeping on the floor, yay!

In August we sat in OUR garden for the very first time. We have a garden. I’m just so grateful for that.

In August I tried polenta for the first time. Considering how many times I’ve been to Italy, it’s really strange I’ve never had it before. But I’m definitely adding it to my food staples. Delish!

In August I made hexagons!

In August I ordered a few bags of vegan sweeties. The marshmallows from Sweet & Sarah are gorgeous. Better than any other marshmallow I’ve ever had before. Yum.

In August we stripped the wallpaper in the master bedroom. Several layers of wallpaper and paint. Fun. We filled 5-6 sacks of the stuff. And uncovered interesting wire arrangements. In many respects, this house can only be described as ‘quirky’…

In August I worked on a fun cross stitch experiment for the &Stitches blog.

In August I worked in my studio for the first time. Have I mentioned how absolutely mindblowingly happy making it is to have a separate space to work?

In August I started a different hexagon project. Because you go hexagon, you can’t go back. ;-)


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