Stitched Blooms blog tour starts today!

Today is a bit special. You know how I wrote a book and stuff? Well, today kicks off a blog tour for Stitched Blooms!! A whole bunch of nice people are helping me send it out into the world. There will be giveaways and other fun stuff. You can find the schedule right here. There’s also a link to it in the sidebar.

Today it starts on the Lark Crafts blog where you can download a free motif from the book! Tomorrow’s stop is at Sew Sweetness.

It’s a funny thing, this, writing a book. It’s a lot of work of course. And it can feel a little lonesome at times, when you’re stitching long past your bedtime and such. But even with the work I put into it… it wouldn’t be the book it is without the following people. And yes, it is going to sound a bit like an Oscar acceptance speech, but I get those now. This book isn’t a solo creation and I am so grateful for the work of these people, so a huge big thank you to them!

Diane from Pixie Rose for supplying all the gorgeous felt used in book projects.

Susie from Flower * Press for sending the adorable dotted lilac fabric used in the Sewing Kit project. 

Michelle from Michelle Patterns for giving me permission to use her pretty Belted Tote sewing pattern for the Blomma bag.

My editors
Amanda Carestio
Shannon Quinn-Tucker

And the book looks awesome because of these guys:
Jenny Doh – art production and direction.
Shannon Yokeley – art director.
Raquel Joya – graphic designer.
Susan Stills – photographer.

My awesome agent Kate McKean at Howard Morhaim Agency.

My brilliant sewing testers
Jo Stafferton
Anne Gregory
Carolyn Grill
Cynthia Gould

And last, but not least, my superhero embroidery besties
Julie Zaichuk-Ryan
Nicole Vos van Avezathe


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